Your Custom Made Pathtag Design


Need some help with a Pathtag Design?

Then why not let me help you.

My FEE is a very affordable at $25 PER Design, PLUS 2 of the tags once you have them minted.

Yes, you will need to pay this fee upfront.

This FEE is my DESIGN fee, NOT THE MANUFACTURE FEE/COSTS, THAT IS SEPARATE and will be determined by

Sometimes I will do a few different VERSIONS of your tag to see which TRACK to follow.

If you like MULTIPLE VERSIONS, you can purchase them for an additional $10 per EXTRA VERSION.
(you will be sent an invoice for those later)

You WILL need to either LOG IN or CREATE AN ACCOUNT BEFORE you go and fill out the DESIGN REQUEST FORM below, or you will have problems at the checkout.

The FORM allows you to answer some questions and upload your pictures.

The MORE information you put on this form will make it easier for me to design your tag.

You can also use a PANTONE SOLID COATED COLOUR CHART to tell me what colours are to go where.

Please allow at least 24 to 48 hours to get your Design Request and go through it.

I will then send you an email confirming that I have received your request and have gone through it to see  if I have any more questions.

You can view tags that I have designed for other customers in the GALLERY OF MY DESIGNS tab in the main menu.

Ok, ready to design your tag?

Please CLICK HERE AFTER YOU LOG IN / CREATE AN ACCOUNT to get the ball rolling.

(or you will have problems at checkout)


Cerena (tigersden)


I do NOT work on designs on the weekends.

If your design is an URGENT DESIGN, please let me know ON THE FORM, and for an additional fee of $10 I will work over the weekend to get your design finished.

I try to get most designs done in a week, and that ALSO depends on how quick you reply to my emails when I contact you.

I take pride in my work and will not rush any design.

Also remember that I am human and sometimes certain things in life (my family) may get in the way of your design, and it may take a little more than a week.