Downloadable & Printable Stuff for Geocaching

Here are a few things that can help you out.

Just click on the TITLES to open the documents in a PDF form.

You can then PRINT them out or SAVE them to your computer.

  •  New Cache Info Record

    • This form is used to keep a record of all the info you will be asked when you are submitting a cache for review.
    • Can be used for hides on both and
    • This is a form you can save to your computer and print out.
    • Keep them in your GeoMobile with your made up caches.
    • Keep a folder of all your caches you have hidden.
  • Cache Stash Note (2 per page)

    • This is those little bits of info sheets you find in caches, informing who ever finds your cache, what it actually is.  A must have for any cache.
  • Intro to Geocaching Brochure

    • This is a great must have to carry around with you or take to events to help inform MUGGLES what it is your doing.