Do you need a Pet Carer/House Sitter in the Bendigo Region?

Now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I am offering my services as a PET CARER/HOUSE SITTER in the BENDIGO REGION.

  1. Find Me, CERENA.M. on under BENDIGO
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  3. Relax

If you are NOT already a member of MADPAWS and you SIGN UP NOW using this LINK, Mad Paws will give you $30 for your fur baby’s first pet stay.

I offer:

  • Pet/House Sitting (overnight in YOUR home)
  • Pet/House Visiting (2 visits a day to your home)
  • Pet Day Care
  • Grooming
  • Walking
  • Pet Taxi

All prices, Reviews, Testimonies and more about me and the services can be found under my PROFILE.  (CERENA.M. under BENDIGO)

If you have friends or family in Bendigo that may need this service, you are more than welcome to share this link above with them or send me their email address and I will send them an email.