Details about your Custom Design

TEST - Custom Design Information - 1 info form per design.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN TO FILL OUT THIS FORM - OR YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS AT CHECKOUT. Please fill out as much information as you can. There can never be too much info. Once that is done CLICK ON THE ADD TO CART button. You can then go to checkout and pay.
  • This is the email that I will use to converse with you about your design. Please make sure it is one that you have access to ALL the time, not just during the day.
    Please note: SILVER is FREE, GOLD / COPPER / BLACK will be a further 10c per tag when ordering from
  • If you are having something written on your tag, please put it here, CHECK spelling.
  • If you would like a BORDER on your tag, please describe it here.
  • 10 COLOURS MAX. Please use a PANTONE SOLID COATED PMS COLOUR CHART to let me know what COLOURS you want to use and WHERE they are to go. (I am part coloured blind so this will help make it easier for both of us.)
  • Please put here anything else that you think I may need to know about your design.