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Accounts & Store Credits

Hi Everyone,

If you had an account on the OLD Pathtag Portal Website, then this applies to you.

Ok.  When you create a NEW ACCOUNT on the NEW WEBSITE, could you please shoot me an EMAIL with SUBJECT: New Account Created, please update OLD store credit.

As soon as I receive this, I will then check and see if you had any STORE CREDIT on the OLD portal website and will then TRANSFER that credit to your NEW ACCOUNT.

If you have used a NEW email to set up your NEW account, then please include in the email your OLD email that you may have used.

If you cannot remember what email you used, then please provide your FULL NAME and USERNAME (if you can remember that) in your email.

I will do my best to try and find you, and if I still have trouble I will contact you for more info.

Those that have already created a NEW ACCOUNT, I have already transferred the STORE CREDIT, if you had any, to your new account.

Any questions just shoot me an email to

Have an awesome day.