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We have some Christmas Themed Products available

We have a few products that are of the Christmas Theme that you may be interested in.

Just click on the ‘IMAGE’ or the ‘NAME of the PRODUCT’ to be taken to that products page.


This is our “12 Days of Christmas Pathtag Set“.

Yep, you guessed it, there are 12 Pathtags in this beautiful set.

Available for just $30.00.




This is our “Christmas Glitter Set“.

lol yes, 4 pathtags in this one, and they all SPARKLE.

Who doesn’t love things that SPARKLE?

Available for just $8.00.





This is our “Aussie Christmas” Pathtag.

Comes in a PACK of 5 Pathtags.

Available for just $10.00.




Why not place these fantastic gifts into one of our SATIN BAGS.

They come in 2 sizes, SMALL or LARGE.

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